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We are aware and wary of the different sets of values that lie behind all that we hear, believe, say and do. As image bearers of God, we [...]

Our Perfect King

What is a kingdom builder? Knowledge, giving, leadership, … using ourselves, our own unique gifts and talents, for His glory. Our unique qualities weren't given to us by [...]

Curbside Hopes

On that first day of school it happened all across our city.  Parents watched their kids board a bus or they themselves pulled up to a curb [...]

The Story Goes On

You’ve likely been too busy to notice..  A school year is racing to a conclusion. Summer days invite us to all kinds of family activities.  Soccer season is [...]

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A New Chapter in an Old Story: Capital Campaign for the West School Building Project

With praise to our faithful God, we are happy to announce that our supporting community has pledged and donated $4.3 million towards the West School Building Project.

Any donation we receive will help offset financing costs and keep fee increases down.

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