Edmonton Society for Christian Education

In 1999 the Edmonton Society For Christian Education (ESCE) joined Edmonton Public Schools as an alternative program.  ESCE partners with the Edmonton Public School Board to run Edmonton Christian Schools (ECS).

The Society (ESCE), which has about 3100 members, is responsible for preserving the integrity of the Christian vision and mission and remains responsible for the schools’ Christian program. The Society owns and maintains all School buildings and a busing system, and organizes annual community events such as a Goods & Services Auction and a Golf Tournament.

All parents and supporters of Christian education are invited to become members. The Edmonton Society for Christian Education is located at 14304 109 avenue, which is the same address as our High School.

Frequently Asked Questions and Christian Program Fee Information

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The Edmonton Society for Christian Education
14304 – 109 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5N 1H6


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Our Staff

Executive Director
Sid deHaan

MaryAnn Johansson

Pastoral Care Leaders
Pauline Klok & Hilary Smith

Christian Mental Health Therapist
Jacqueline Boschman

Transportation Coordinator
Edith Houtstra

Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Alicia Worobetz

Facilities Manager
Suzanne Hogendoorn

Cafeteria Manager
Jennifer Tsang

Board Members

Jared Harmata

David Dejong

Jason Veenstra

Harriet Eskiw

Board Members:
Carrie Reinsma
Jeremy Thiessen
Brian Trevelyan
Jennifer Snaterse
Brent Taylor