ESCE Membership

Membership with The Edmonton Society for Christian Education (ESCE) allows you to participate in making important decisions regarding budgets and facilities and to join with others in advocating for Christian education.

Membership Eligibility: To qualify for membership, individuals must be at least 18 years of age, contribute a minimum annual donation, and align with and sign the Statement of Faith.

New Members:  If you’re interested in starting a new membership, please stop by the Society Office during our regular business hours. We’d be happy to have a meaningful discussion with you about what membership involves and provide you with a Statement of Faith for your signature.

Membership Renewal:  Keep your membership active through continued support of the Statement of Faith and regular financial support.*

Annual Membership Donation: Make a tax receiptable donation to the Society (minimum $25.00 per single or $50.00 per couple.) This is waived for parents who have children attending ECS and who are paying program fees.

*To be considered an active member on any given date, a person must have made the minimum donation during a period of time, which includes that given date until 4:00 p.m., counting back to the previous year’s September 1. (Only active members are entitled to vote at Membership meetings.)