Summary Statement of Faith

The Edmonton Society for Christian Education 


We believe that Edmonton Christian Schools (ECS) must provide an education shaped by a faith rooted in Scripture. Scripture, the divinely inspired and authoritative word of God, provides insight for every dimension of life. Christian education, therefore, tells us how to understand ourselves in relationship to God, to others, and to the natural world. 

We believe that God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) created and continues to maintain the entire universe. Early on, our first parents rebelled against God. Since then, all human lives have been twisted, impaired, and marked by the suffering that stems from this broken relationship. The heart of the Bible’s message, and the reason we understand the gospel to be such good news, is the revelation that God has not abandoned creation but has determined to set things right! 

We believe the redemptive intent of God finds its centre in the life and work of Jesus Christ. In the person of Jesus, God executes a just punishment against the sin of humankind and graciously offers forgiveness to all. Because he suffered and died, Jesus Christ reconciles sinful people to their Creator, and he fulfils God’s promise to restore the whole creation. By his resurrection and ascension to His heavenly throne, Jesus Christ is both Saviour and Lord of the universe. 

We believe this world and all who live in it belong to God. Although our world remains troubled and flawed, the work and victory of Jesus give us hope. We eagerly await the day Jesus Christ returns and is publicly acknowledged as Lord of all. On that day, the redemptive purposes of God will be complete. God will erase every vestige of sin and suffering. Until that day arrives, the Holy Spirit of God works faith in us and inspires us to live in ways which acknowledge the truth of the good news in Jesus. 

We believe that our place in God’s world is one of special privilege and responsibility. Made in God’s image, we human beings are called to responsible stewardship: loving others and ourselves, and developing and preserving the resources of creation. Since the entire universe is the Kingdom of our Lord, every dimension of life must be understood in relation to Him. 

We believe that formal education finds its place within this broad framework of understanding ourselves in relationship to God, to others and to the universe. We believe that children must be afforded the opportunity to learn about themselves, others, and the universe, all in relation to the God who created, who maintains, and who one day will fulfill the redemptive work begun in Jesus Christ. In order to fulfill this goal, and to fulfill our responsibility as a Christian community, our children must have schools in which this faith perspective is integrated fully into the curriculum and is modeled by teachers who personally share its convictions. 

We believe that education involves the acquisition and mastery of knowledge, and the development of a critical, discerning mind, both of which need to be rooted in the framework of the Scripture’s story. This will enable students to take their places in society as responsible citizens with academic and spiritual integrity. 

This statement is a synopsis of the faith perspective that inspired The Edmonton Society for Christian Education (ESCE) to establish its schools. 

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