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Frequently Asked Questions


I want to apply for the next school year. How do I do that?2022-11-10T11:28:10-07:00

Registrations for the upcoming school year will be accepted from early February to mid-April each year. The process first includes prospective families attending an ECS Information Session. Please visit the admissions page for more information.

Please note that registration does not guarantee enrolment.  The schools will contact all families at the end of April to inform them of their enrolment status, accepted or declined.

If you have any questions please contact the Admissions Director.  780.408.7933  |  admissions@edmchristian.org

It’s after the April registration deadline. Can I still enrol my child with ECS?2022-01-28T11:52:34-07:00

Registrations received after the April deadline will be considered on a case-by-case basis, as space permits, and only for grades that did not participate in a random selection.

Please call or email us if you’d like to apply after our registration period has ended or for more information. 780.408.7933  |  admissions@edmchristian.org

I am a current family with ECS. How do I add a new student starting next year?2022-01-28T09:41:42-07:00

If you are adding a new student you must register them with the district before the April deadline even if you already have children attending ECS. (e.g. a child starting Kindergarten or another grade).

  • NOTE: If your child is currently enroled in a different Edmonton Public School and would like them to attend ECS in the upcoming year you must log in to your parent SchoolZone account and indicate your school choice for the upcoming year before the April deadline. 

New siblings who are registered before the April deadline are guaranteed a seat.

More information can be found on our Admissions page.  Call us if you have any questions. 780.408.7933

What does it cost to attend Edmonton Christian Schools? Do you charge tuition?2021-10-20T13:13:05-06:00

Edmonton Christian Schools does not charge tuition since we are an Alternative Program under the Edmonton Public School Board.

However, we do charge a Christian Program Fee.  This fee provides students with Christian programming and school facilities; ECS owns and operates it’s school buildings independently of EPSB. (This Christian Program Fee is not tuition but is sometimes erroneously referred to as such.)

The Christian Program Fee Schedule can be found here

The Christian Program Fee does not include School Fees (Course fees, Field Trips Fees, School Supplies, Club Fees, Bus Passes, etc).  School fees are different than the Christian Program Fee; School Fees are set and collected yearly by each individual school.

Does ECS have enrolment boundaries? Which Edmonton Christian School can my child attend?2022-01-28T09:55:38-07:00

Edmonton Christian Schools (ECS) wishes to enrol all new families who sincerely desire a Christian education for their children.

Boundaries:  New students may register at any of our schools regardless of their home address. However, yellow bus availability is determined by your home address.  If you require yellow bus service please view the attendance area map for your chosen school. (Northeast School or West School) More busing information can be found HERE as well.

Enrolment Limits: If the number of new student registrations exceeds the number of available spaces at West School, Northeast School or the High School, new students will be chosen by a random selection conducted by Edmonton Public Schools.

    • Resident students who have registered and submitted all required documents prior to the April deadline may participate in a random selection.
    • Students must reside within the Edmonton City Limits to participate in a random selection.

Non-Resident Students: Students from outside the City limits will be enroled only if space permits after all resident students have been enroled.

After the April registration deadline, new students may be enroled on a first come-first served basis but only in grades that have space and that were not part of a random selection process.

Who is Edmonton Christian Schools? How are you different from other Public schools?2021-10-20T13:13:25-06:00

We offer a distinctively Christian program that integrates faith, learning, and service into the entire curriculum and program; challenges students to actively play their role in God’s story.  Our vision for all students is that they accept Christ’s invitation to live for renewal.

The Edmonton Society for Christian Education (the Society) stepped out in faith to open Edmonton Christian Schools (ECS) in 1949, and we have been welcoming new families ever since. Today, the Society partners with the Edmonton Public School Board to run Edmonton Christian Schools as an Alternative Program. ECS follows the Alberta curriculum and meets or exceeds all Alberta Education requirements.

Will my Kindergarten aged child be admitted into the same school a his/her older siblings? Is Kindergarten a full day program?2023-05-01T10:00:05-06:00

Siblings of students who currently attend Edmonton Christian West or Northeast School are guaranteed a seat provided the new sibling is registered before the April deadline.

Siblings who register after the April deadline cannot be guaranteed a seat. Late registrations will be accepted only if space permits. 

Kindergarten is a half-time, full-day program at Edmonton Christian Schools.

Kindergarten eligibility is based on birth year. Click here to find out if your child is eligible for Kindergarten.

Students will be placed in either:

Monday/Wednesday class plus alternating Thursdays or;
Tuesday/Friday class plus alternating Thursdays

Visit our Admissions Page for more application information.

Who can attend Edmonton Christian Schools?2021-10-20T13:12:52-06:00

Edmonton Christian Schools (ECS) wishes to enrol all families who sincerely desire a Christian education for their children.

Visit our Admissions Page for more information regarding applying to ECS.

Is there yellow bus service to Edmonton Christian Schools?2022-01-28T09:51:46-07:00

ETS: Many Junior High and High School students use the Edmonton Transit Service (ETS).  More information regarding ETS School Specials and standard ETS routes can be found on the ETS Website.

Yellow Bus: There are two yellow bus services available to some ECS students:

  • Edmonton Christian Schools Transportation Services for students residing west of the City and students requiring the shuttle bus between the North East School and the High School.
  • Edmonton Public School Board Transportation Services for some students residing within the City of Edmonton. Yellow bus availability is determined by your home address.  If you require yellow bus service within Edmonton please view the attendance area map for your chosen school. (Northeast School or West School)

More Busing Info …

Do ECS students wear uniforms? What is the dress code?2021-10-20T13:12:35-06:00

School uniforms are not worn at any Edmonton Christian School.

As Christians, we strive to represent Jesus Christ and to glorify God in all aspects of our lives, including the choices we make in clothing and appearance. Students are expected to dress in apparel that is suitable for school work and school activities.

When does your preschool operate? How old does my child have to be to attend your preschool?2021-10-20T13:12:13-06:00

The Edmonton Society for Christian Education runs a private and accredited preschool program for 4 year-olds. This program is not associated with Edmonton Public Schools.

It runs annually from mid-September through mid-June.

More information regarding the preschool can be found at the preschool website

Please note that preschool enrolment does not guarantee a seat at Edmonton Christian West or Northeast school for Kindergarten.  Kindergarten students must register as a new student.

How do I report a student absence?2021-10-20T13:11:57-06:00

Please call your child’s school and follow the directory prompts.

Northeast School

High School

West School

I’m looking for class lists, teacher names or other contact information.2021-10-20T13:11:20-06:00

We cannot release the names of our students or class lists publically.  If you need a class list please contact your child’s teacher.

If you’d like to get in contact with a teacher or administration at any of our three schools please contact that school office directly.  You can also find the names of your child’s teachers by logging into your parent SchoolZone account.

I’d like to work at ECS. Where can I find job postings?2021-10-20T13:11:50-06:00

If you’re looking for a career with Edmonton Christian Schools, please visit the EPSB Career page.  This includes all employment opportunities: support staff, teachers, and exempt staff.

Do you have a daycare or before and after school care?2021-10-20T13:12:06-06:00

There are no daycares or before and after school care available through Edmonton Christian Schools.