Did you know? 

As of September 2022, 2671 people were affected by homelessness in Edmonton. Another staggering fact is that 20% of Canadians without permanent housing are between the ages of 13-25. There are many causes of homelessness; poverty, lack of affordable housing, unemployment and mental illness all contribute to this issue.

(https://yws.on.ca/who-we-are/youth-homelessness/ & http://homewardtrust.ca/) 

So, what can we do?

This year, as a part of the grade 5 Math (adding & subtracting decimals), Science (weather), LA (letter writing) and Health (financial literacy) curriculum, the grade 5 classes are organizing a FLEx (Formative Learning Experience) project to help raise awareness about the vulnerable populations in Edmonton as well as gather much needed winter clothing and other necessities for those in need to help them get through the winter months.

The grade 5 and 5/6 Clothing Drive 

We are inviting our Edmonton Christian Schools community to support us in our efforts to collect urgently needed items:

  • Mitts, toques and scarves (new or used)
  • Socks (wool or polyester preferred) & mens and womens underwear (NEW only)
  • Winter jackets (new or used) – in ALL sizes
  • Snow pants (new or used) – in ALL sizes
  • Winter boots (new or used) – in ALL sizes

Who will receive our collected clothing?

All items will be donated to the following three not for profit organizations.  

  1. Mosaic Centre – LINK 
  2. YESS – LINK
  3. Hope Mission – LINK