Servant Workers

ECWS-Gr1V was challenged to serve their community in conjunction with their Science Plant Unit and Service Project Friday.  Students were encouraged to make vegetable soup or choose their own projects.  The results were an awesome display of Servant Working! [...]

Thankful Thursday

We are now over two months into our 'new normal' of distance learning ... and from every one of our, now digital, classrooms we've seen some great proof of the #ImageReflecting and #CommunityBuilding hearts of our students. For example, [...]

Easter Assembly

As we go into Easter Weekend we'd normally be having our Easter assemblies at school ... rejoicing in the miraculous, incredible Resurrection.  We remember Jesus' sacrifice and give thanks for what he brought to our world. With thanks [...]


ECWS-McQueen students planned a special thank-you lunch for the West School Building Project workers. Little did we know, when this event was planned, that we'd end up in an extreme deep freeze.  It can be hard to keep [...]

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