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The Diviners

Mere existence is not really an option for the universe. God created it to flourish! If you’ve ever snorkelled above a healthy coral reef, seen the northern lights, watched a butterfly feed or stood on top of a mountain, you [...]

Lions’ Prime Time

As a community focussed on our children’s learning, wouldn’t it be great if there was a Miracle- Gro for the brain?  You know... Miracle-Gro... the fertilizer we put on that tired plant in our office (that probably really needs re-potting)...the [...]

Chew On This

What I can do, I will do. A will-do attitude is a way of living God’s story in a broken world.  Because we believe it is still a God-with-us world,  Edmonton Christian Schools instils a will-do attitude in students.  But, [...]

Learning to See

“What did you learn today?” That's a question often asked of our students around a dinner table.  It's a great question, but not just for students!  Why not ask the teachers at Edmonton Christian Schools the same question this week? [...]

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