“What did you learn today?”

That’s a question often asked of our students around a dinner table.  It’s a great question, but not just for students!  Why not ask the teachers at Edmonton Christian Schools the same question this week?  “What did you learn at your teachers’ convention?”

No doubt, there will be a wide range of answers to that question.  Let me offer you one answer, coming out of the keynote speeches of pastor and author Skye Jethani.

skyejethaniWe learned that we need to see the world the way Jesus did.   With no naiveté regarding the “Place-of-the-Skull” dangers all around,  Jesus had clear vision of God’s purpose being carried out in this world and saw that ultimately we are safe because it is a God-with-us world.  We are safe to love both our friends and our enemies.  Safe to serve.  Safe to heal and restore.  Safe to sacrifice.  Safe to be joyful and flourish!

At Edmonton Christian Schools, we want to see differently.  We desire the eyes of Christ.  It is our deep hope that our students know in their very hearts that they can flourish in a God-with-us world as they fearlessly find their role in the grand love story God writes.  May God give us eyes to see.

Converge Convention, jointly organized by the Prairie Centre for Christian Education (PCCE) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) took place in Calgary, October 19,20, 2017.
by Brian Doornenbal