The Diviners

Mere existence is not really an option for the universe. God created it to flourish! If you’ve ever snorkelled above a healthy coral reef, seen the northern lights, watched a butterfly feed or stood on top of a mountain, you [...]

Always Learning

At a school, who exactly are the learners?  Some might think that to be a question for Captain Obvious.  Of course the students are the learners.  But are they the only ones?  At Edmonton Christian Schools we hope not!   [...]


The Setting: Mosaic Centre  (Ft. Rd), a support hub and gathering place for people in that part of the city who have been marginalized by poverty.  It is Dec 8. The Participants:  Marvel College hairdressing students, Edmonton Christian High School photography [...]

We Can Choose

"...we can choose to play a different role in the story and choose to care. It's a choice.…" Soc. St. 20AP student reflection This is a Social Studies class that wasn't content to just talk about the Syrian refugee crisis and [...]

THE Servant-Worker

The calendar page has turned to December, telling us that this month's focus is on the servant-worker through line.  It is also Advent,  a time of waiting for a King.  To some, these two foci may seem to be a bit [...]

The Voice of Grade 4

The story of Edmonton Christian is a story of three schools that invite students to live lives of renewal.  The voice of those students who hear this invitation needs to be heard.  The following paragraphs have been put together using sentences [...]

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