At Edmonton Christian Schools, we’d love to begin our journey with students in pre-school and continue with them all the way till we proudly hand them a diploma on the stage at their high school graduation. It often works out that way, but not always.  Situations change. Doors open.  Families move.image1

Every once in awhile, we are blessed to hear from a family or student who left Edmonton Christian before our journey together was complete.  That happened this week.  We received the following email from the family of Devon Bourgeois, who attended Edmonton Christian Northeast School from pre-school through grade 8.

Hello ECNS staff and society!

On behalf of our family, we wanted to send you a quick update on our son, Devon! We were blessed to be a part of the Edmonton Christian School family from preschool to Grade 8! Devon was a school spelling bee champion for 4 of his years at ECNS. In 2012, our family moved to Kelowna, BC.

Devon made many friends among the students and staff and looks back on his years in Edmonton with fondness. We want to personally thank every staff member who helped Devon work through his struggles with hearing impairment while also encouraging him to excel academically.

Devon has been selected to compete nationally for a Loran Scholarship on February 5 and 6.

Thank you, ECNS, for laying the groundwork. He is excited to go forward honoring God, his family and his school(s).

God bless!

Congratulations Devon!  We are proud to have shared in part of your journey.  We wish you and your family many blessings as you continue to play your role in God’s story.

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