How could I say there is no God, when all creation calls?
song Creation Calls by Brian Doerksen

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim  the work of God’s hands.

Psalm 19:1

If you are like me, sometimes it is difficult to see past the injustice and terrorism and hunger and environmental destruction and  . . ..  There are times that it is difficult to see beauty.  But make no mistake, incredible beauty is still there in our world.  Much of the “and it was good” from Genesis 1 is still evident.  Perhaps you saw that, this past holiday season, in the beauty of family, or in skating on the pond on a bright winter day or in the chickadees at the bird feeder or in the northern lights in a starry sky, or in the snowflakes on a piece of wood . . .


Photo credit: Jann Peter Normann

Creation is amazing!  If we live our lives with eyes open to the incredible grandeur we see in this world , we can understand how the song writer got to the point where he sang, “How could I say there is no God?” We can see why the Psalmist confidently wrote, “The heavens declare the glory of God. . .”

How should we respond to the wonderful, weird,  breathtaking, creative beauty around us?  First, we must join the heavens and the snowflakes and the chickadees and the oceans in praising and worshipping God’s greatness and creativity.   Second, we are invited as image bearers to reflect that creativity in the work we do.  Whether we build houses or take photographs, whether we prepare family meals or compose music, whether we teach or play a role in a school drama production, we as God’s image bearers have an opportunity and a calling to be beauty-creators.

TFT Beauty Creator2

Happy New Year!  In 2016 may God help us to have eyes, ears,  hearts and hands open to the beauty that God has created. May it inspire us to worship.  May we all in our own ways  be beauty creators and …may we be a school community that celebrates and shapes beauty together.

by Brian Doornenbal
Note:  The January through-line is Beauty-Creating.  Perhaps your family will focus this month on noticing and responding to beauty around you.   If you have not yet seen this year’s “Throughline Calendar” access it on Schoolzone or here.