The story of Edmonton Christian is a story of three schools that invite students to live lives of renewal.  The voice of those students who hear this invitation needs to be heard.  The following paragraphs have been put together using sentences taken from written reflections that Grade 4 students at West School wrote after a project which they hope will give more people in our world access to the Bible. (Sentences are written exactly as the students wrote them in their unrevised, unedited drafts).

Our class did a Bible project because we learned that people can’t get Bibles in their own language, or they don’t have acccess to Bibles at all.   I was very happy we did what we did because are class has 121 Bibles and some people have 0.   We wanted to fix that by sending clothing, toys, puzzels and books to the BFM (Bibles for Missions) thrift store.  We have a valuable privalidge to reading the bible and other people across the world should have that right.  

Sometimes I feel like I am so little and can’t do anything but little people can do big things. Our class was the start of a ripple.  I noticed that even if you are only 8, 9 or 10, you can make a big difrence.  I realized that people really cared!  Everyone wanted to help.  We filled 6 big bags and a littel bit more. It makes me feel happy because God made people to actually care.  God cares, and I care too!

We were earth kepers because we are reuseing old things.  We are also servant workers because we are serving others and God.  The throughline I think we modled was a justice seeker because we noticed other people’s needs.  …this is what Jesus would have done.

Thank you grade four!