At a school, who exactly are the learners?  Some might think that to be a question for Captain Obvious.  Of course the students are the learners.  But are they the only ones?  At Edmonton Christian Schools we hope not!   We believe and try to model that learning is life long.

Staff members brought that growth mindset to the activities of the Feb 1 Professional Development (learning!) day.  We began with singing and a guided prayer in which we asked God to renew our hearts.

Staff then took part in workshops on assessment, deepening learning, second language learning, reflection strategies that enhance learning, mental health and more!

There was lots of food and visiting.

In the afternoon, teachers volunteered for organizations like Mosaic Centre, The Mustard Seed, Sport Central, Emmanuel Home and Hope Mission.  Other groups wrote advocacy letters, planned Bible curriculum or had a workshop on helping students that struggle with social skills.  We even had some students, on their day off,  joining a group of staff members developing the plan to sponsor a refugee family. Some of these ways of learning and serving were captured in picture:









We learned to serve.  We served to learn.  It was a great day!  Yet, there is still much to be learned, as we, at Edmonton Christian Schools, actively play our role in God’s story!

by Brian Doornenbal