A celebration of learning … an evening of conversations with our grade 12 class!

The high school gym was filled with family, friends and ECHS teachers all having deep conversations with our soon to be grads about their Passion Projects.  These Passion Projects encourage students to ask questions, pursue personal interests, serve, and create something while paying their role God’s story.

#BeautyCreating: As image bearers of God, we practice our own acts of creation.
#ImageReflecting: Being a reflection of Christ is a responsibility; our thoughts and actions matter.

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There were stories of missions trips, church service, and special interests like sports and animal welfare. Talking with them you could tell it was more than just a project to complete before graduation. Though some students started off thinking the experience might go one direction it was often something totally different that was discovered in the process. Pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone allowed them to experience God’s will fully in their lives … many are now traveling down a road they hadn’t previously thought they’d go down; discoveries of new interests like social work or teaching!

What was a common reflection students mentioned?  They enjoyed that the passion project gave them the opportunity to be creative!  This project was not about success or failure…it was about the learning and the experience! Students took charge of their own learning and in turn discovered that when they listen to God’s voice speaking a direction into their lives big things can happen.

“If you are willing to put in the time to get to know people who might be different than you it will impact your life maybe more so than theirs. I wasn’t doing it for me I was doing it to help others but it helped me as well.” – A student involved in Friendship Ministries.

“This trip taught me more about myself and where some of my interests and passions lie.”  – A student speaking about a missions trip to Puerto Rico.

“Even a small amount of effort in a short amount of time can make a huge difference. Even though I am just one person I can make an impact and help lighten the load of some while also bringing joy to others.” – A student volunteer, Edmonton Fish and Game Association.

“It was an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. It helped prepare me for the future.” – A student speaking about a missions trip to Honduras.

“Now I see that we all have an untold story and that it’s not my place to judge no matter the circumstances. I want to be the change I want to see in the world.” – A student involved in youth mentorship, Church Youth Ministry.