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West School Building Project

A New Chapter in an Old Story: West School Building Project

Learn more about the Finishing Touches campaign in this brochure.

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    Society Office (Cheques Payable to ESCE)

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    We request your prayers for the success of this project.

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    FAQs about the Campaign

    Why do we need to raise money for this project? Doesn’t Edmonton Public Schools pay for our buildings?2018-07-06T20:37:13-06:00

    When we joined EPS in 1999 we decided to continue the ownership of our buildings to allow for a more flexible partnership agreement. Since we own the buildings we need to pay for all renovations, additions and capital projects.

    What will the project cost?2018-07-06T20:37:33-06:00

    The project will cost $16 million.

    How much money do we need to raise?2018-07-06T20:44:35-06:00

    We need to raise $3.5 million before we can start construction and we hope to raise at least $4 million by the end of 2018.

    Where will the additional $12 million come from?2018-07-06T20:44:55-06:00

    We will need to borrow up to $12 million from our bank and other lending institutions.

    Who will you ask to donate money to this project?2018-07-06T20:45:18-06:00

    We will ask all members of our supporting community to make a 3 year pledge. This includes parents, grandparents, alumni, staff and supporters

    When will the Capital Campaign begin?2018-07-06T20:47:33-06:00

    Starting on September 15 we will begin the public phase of the campaign, asking all of our supporters to help out with a 3 year commitment.

    What are the ways that I can donate?2018-07-06T20:48:11-06:00

    You can make a donation in several ways:

    1. An immediate gift
    2. A monthly donation for 3 years
    3. An annual donation for 3 years
    4. Any other way you’d like!
    What are the methods I can use to donate?2018-07-06T20:52:26-06:00
    1. Cheque payable to ESCE
    2. Auto withdraw from your bank account
    3. Post-dated cheques
    4. Credit card
    5. Donation of Shares
    6. Estate gifts and Life Insurance policies
    Is my donation tax deductible?2018-07-06T20:52:28-06:00

    Yes! In Alberta, your donation is 50% tax deductible. EG: a donation of $10,000 results in a tax refund of $5,000.

    What is the benefit of a Donation of Shares?2018-07-06T20:50:30-06:00

    A donation of shares to a charitable organization such as the Edmonton Society for Christian Education means that you will not be taxed on any capital gain on those shares.

    e.g. If you paid $25,000 for some shares, they appreciated to $30,000 over several years, and then you donate the shares to us, you will not be taxed on the $5,000 Capital Gain. Furthermore, you receive a tax receipt for the entire $30,000 donation and get a $15,000 tax refund. Call us for more details on how you can donate in this way

    How will I know when it is time to make a donation or a pledge?2018-07-06T20:50:50-06:00

    We will invite everyone to make a pledge beginning in mid-September, 2018. Keep your ears peeled for emails and announcements of various kinds!

    FAQs about the Building Project

    Why do we need a new building at our West campus?2018-07-06T20:57:49-06:00

    Almost 30 years ago the West school went through a significant expansion. In order to save money the expansion included several modular classrooms. These modular classrooms need to be replaced as they are in need of constant repair and the infrastructure won’t hold up much longer. In addition, the air quality in that part of the building is poor.

    How much will the building project cost?2018-07-06T20:59:05-06:00

    The concept for the new building has been developed and the preliminary estimate for the cost of this building is $16 million.

    What’s the timeline?2018-07-06T21:00:27-06:00
    1. On December 4 we will call the community together to make a final decision about going forward with the project, including the financing plan.
    2. Anticipating a positive vote from the community regarding the building we will enter into detailed planning mode from March 2018 to November 2018.
    3. The first stage of the capital campaign will begin in May 2018 with the major campaign to follow in September 2018.
    4. In January 2019 students will be moved to temporary classrooms in other buildings. The grounds at West School will be prepared for the beginning of construction.
    5. We anticipate breaking ground in March 2019.
    6. By September 2020 the building should be ready for our students!
    7. The new building will include space for all of our kindergarten through grade 9 students.
    What is the plan for financing the building?2018-07-06T21:02:37-06:00
    1. We hope to raise $4 million from supporters, parents and alumni.
    2. The rest of the money, $12 million, would be borrowed from the bank.
    Would the Christian program fee increase to pay for the financing cost?2018-07-06T21:02:56-06:00

    Presently the school still has a $2 million mortgage from building the NE campus in 2005. Each year for the past 3 years we have been paying over $600,000 towards the principal of that mortgage. Our plan is to have that mortgage paid by the time the new West campus is complete. Paying off the mortgage at this accelerated rate is very close to the amount of money that it would take to pay off a $10.5 million mortgage over a 20 year period. Unless interest rates rise we believe that we will not need to increase the Christian program fees.

    What will happen to the students while the new building is under construction?2018-07-06T21:03:25-06:00

    Several options are available to us. The one that seems to be gaining traction is to have all of our kindergarten through grade 3 classes meet in the McQueen building, grades 4-6 in the junior high wing and grades 7-9 in newly leased portables and/or the high school.

    What will happen to the McQueen building?2018-07-06T21:03:50-06:00

    We anticipate demolishing the McQueen building and using the space as an outdoor learning area including a playground.

    What will happen to the present east playground?2018-07-06T21:04:09-06:00

    The east playground will be taken down, stored and rebuilt on the west side of the building.

    What will happen to the junior high side of the building?2018-07-06T21:04:33-06:00

    The junior high side of the building will undergo a $1.5 million renovation, which is included in the building price, and will be prepared for preschool-grade 3 students.

    Feasibility Study

    Can we be both cost effective and environmentally sensitive with the project?2018-07-06T21:09:48-06:00

    Our dream is that we can do both. We have spoken at length with the architects about the possibilities of building an environmentally sensitive building. There have been discussions around following the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) or Green Globes certification processes during both design and construction phases to ensure best use of financial and environmental resources.

    What will we do with the McQueen building?2018-07-06T21:21:11-06:00

    We will tear down the McQueen building to make way for more green space.

    Has a general contractor been hired?2018-07-06T21:21:31-06:00

    No. Requests for proposals will go out in July or August, 2018 for a construction manager. Tenders for subcontractors will go out in January 2019.

    Can people in the school community place tenders and participate in the building?2018-07-06T21:21:50-06:00

    Yes, absolutely.

    What will the $1.5 million for junior high upgrades cover and how long will it last?2018-07-06T21:22:09-06:00

    We have had the junior high evaluated and there is a lot of potential for using this part of the building for the long term. Things that we are considering in the upgrade are new windows, new HVAC, redoing the outside of the building to match the new building, and renovating classrooms so that they are also flexible learning spaces and meet the needs of preschool to grade 3 students.

    What is the timeline for the rest of the project?2018-07-06T21:22:43-06:00
    • December 4: community votes on the building project
    • 2018: fundraising campaign
    • January, 2019: development of the final detailed budget (tender
    • May, 2019: construction begins
    • September, 2020: new building opens to students and staff
    Are we still partnering with a church in this new building?2018-07-06T21:23:20-06:00

    A mutual decision has recently been made to no longer partner with the church.

    What will happen to the current playground?2018-07-06T21:23:43-06:00

    We intend to take the current playground down and store it for the time being. Our intention then is to engage parents and staff in a conversation around what a new outdoor learning environment could look like which would include the present equipment that we now have. We are looking at using the space where the McQueen school now stands as an outdoor learning area.

    Will there be an elevator in the new school?2018-07-06T21:24:03-06:00


    Will the kitchen be upgraded?2018-07-06T21:24:32-06:00

    Right now we don’t have any plans to upgrade the kitchen but we would certainly be open to doing that. We are thinking that a junior high home economics option could also work well in the present high school home economics room.

    Is there a floater classroom in the K-3 area since we have three grade 1 classes this year?2018-07-06T21:24:59-06:00

    Our research indicates that the West school will likely remain at two classes per grade for the future. There are times however, that “the pig will have to go through the python”. A floater classroom is a good idea to consider.

    Will there be more parking?2018-07-06T21:25:25-06:00

    Yes. We plan to provide a significant number of visitor and student spaces.

    How will drop off and pick up work for both buses and parents?2018-07-06T21:25:46-06:00

    The drop-off and pick up hasn’t been fully discussed yet. We are thinking to have a bus lane where we can fit 6 buses. We would then have parents drop the students off on the sidewalk. There would be fenced off controlled access from the sidewalk to the school to ensure student safety.

    Where will the students from the main campus learn during construction?2018-07-06T21:26:07-06:00

    We are planning for grades P-3 in the McQueen building, 4-6 in the junior high wing, portables for 7-8 and grade 9 in the high school.

    How will we maintain safety for students during construction?2018-07-06T21:26:29-06:00

    We will separate the construction site from students. There will be some inconveniences but we will mitigate those as best we can.

    How much is left on the Northeast mortgage?2018-07-06T21:26:53-06:00

    About $2 million remains in the Northeast mortgage. This mortgage should be paid off by the time the West building is completed in 2020.

    How much did the Northeast School cost to build in 2005?2018-07-06T21:27:15-06:00

    $9 million

    Can the school apply for any grants?2018-07-06T21:27:33-06:00

    Most of the grant money that is offered by the government for projects like this comes from lottery funds. Our policy is that we do not apply for lottery money.

    How confident are you with the $16M estimate?2018-07-06T21:28:00-06:00

    We are confident about the number but it will become clearer when we complete the schematic plan and design development. The number comes from the architect’s estimate as well as an opinion from a construction company.

    If we don’t raise enough money, what then?2018-07-06T21:28:21-06:00

    We would need to reduce the scope of the project.

    How much money has been committed to the project to date?2018-07-06T21:28:44-06:00

    We have spent $67,000, mostly on architectural fees and survey costs.

    Are there plans to increase program fees?2018-07-06T21:29:05-06:00

    No. However, it is hard to predict what our expenses will be in the future. We need to consider the possibility of higher interest rates which can quickly raise costs significantly.

    Will the per family Capital Assessment of $245 per year continue?2018-07-06T21:29:32-06:00

    Yes. We need to finish the Northeast School mortgage and then the new mortgage will begin.

    How does the capital campaign work?2018-07-06T21:29:50-06:00

    Staff and volunteers will visit with potential donors throughout 2018 to answer questions and ask for support. All parents and supporters will be asked to contribute via visit, phone or email.

    Will we have enough classrooms for our growing enrolment at West School?2018-07-06T21:30:08-06:00

    Enrolment at West has remained steady for about 15 years except for a 10% increase in the last 5 years. We expect that West school will remain at two classes per grade over the long-term. There are periods, however, of surging or declining enrolment and it is important to plan for those moments. We will handle enrolment as it happens.

    When will Society members vote to proceed with the project?2018-07-06T21:30:27-06:00

    On Monday, December 4 at 7:30 p.m. at the main West building.

    Who can vote?2018-07-06T21:30:55-06:00

    Active members of ESCE can vote. An active member is anyone who signs the Statement of Faith and either pays program fees or makes an annual minimum donation of $25.

    How do I receive my items after the auction is over?2020-05-01T12:36:06-06:00

    Please email us to arrange a date and time to come to our office for pickup. Items will be available for pick up beginning on June 5, 2020.


    Do I need an account to view the auction?2020-04-14T11:49:38-06:00

    Anyone can view our auction at www.32auctions.com/ecs2020. An account is needed in order to bid.

    How do I make an account?2020-04-14T11:50:23-06:00

    You will need to create an account with 32auctions in order to bid on the auction. Visit the “Create An Account page” on 32auctions’ website and follow the instructions to create your account. Creating an account will allow us to identify and communicate with bidders during and after the auction.

    Once you create an account, you should receive a confirmation email from 32auctions (noreply@32auctions.com). If you do not receive an email, please check your spam or junk email folder. We recommend adding noreply@32auctions.com to your address book or “safe senders” list to ensure you receive future notification emails. If you still cannot locate the confirmation email, you may want to create an account with a different email address.

    How do I know if I am the winning bidder?2020-04-14T11:51:24-06:00

    All winning bidders should receive a notification email from 32auction after the auction closes. If you are not receiving notifications, please check your spam or junk email folder. You can also log in to your account and click “My Items Won.”

    How do I pay for my items?2020-05-05T12:53:43-06:00

    Winning bidders will receive a notification/invoice from 32auctions.

    Payment Options:

    1. Send an e-transfer to auction@edmchristian.org
    2. Call our office and give a credit card number over the phone. 780.476.6281
    3. Dr0p off cash or chq at the Society office


    Introduction: Continuing Christian Education at Home2020-04-24T10:15:41-06:00

    Teaching for Transformation is a model for how to integrate Christian faith and learning. For several years Edmonton Christian has been using this model to guide teachers and students through what it means to play our roles in God’s story.  Some of what we do can get a bit technical but essentially it means that we are asking each other to see God’s story and then to live that story. Teachers have been using deep hopes and storyline and something called Formational Learning Experiences to help students play their role in God’s unfolding story.

    TFT offers 10 ways to think about how we play our roles in God’s story.  These 10 things are called Throughlines. You have probably heard about them already.  There are lots of ways to be on the lookout for these throughlines but it’s not enough to simply list them or just talk about them.  We are invited to BE those throughlines.

    The Prairie Centre for Christian Education, an organization that supports our schools, has put together some resources that will help to integrate the throughlines into this new online learning journey that you are going through.

    As we go through the weeks we will attempt to provide you with some of these resources that will help your family dive into a throughline.  There will be an overview of the throughline, scripture connections, related songs, activities and digital resources. There will then be suggestions for how you and your family can BE the throughline.  As you engage in the activities we invite you to post pictures to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using the hashtag #edmchristianathome of your family engaging in the throughline.

    Hopefully, this resource will be helpful for you and your family.  Feel free to pick and choose activities as you see fit. Perhaps, as families, you can find creative ways to integrate some of these activities into a lesson that was presented by a teacher.  Perhaps teachers have already been using some of these resources and suggested this already. This resource is only a suggestion but it can be a great part of the learning.

    • must be registered to participate
    • must complete challenges by <date>
    Submitting Challenges2020-06-08T13:05:02-06:00
    • You may pick and choose which challenges to complete and enter in to.
    • You’ll get entered to win <details> for each challenge you complete.
    • There is another draw for those who complete all of the challenges of <details>.
    • Each ‘Hole’ has details on what to submit for that challenge.
    • Completed challenges can be sent in via email to <email>