Passion and Wonder

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11

When we commit to playing our role in God’s story He can lead us to places we never expected. Regan Luth graduated from Edmonton Christian High School in 2013 and like many young adults, he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. But God led him on a journey of faith exploration and showed him a way that wasn’t the traditional College and University route.

“God led me to YWAM Toowoomba in Australia, where I deepened my faith, experienced some amazing adventures, and met some incredible people, including my wife!”

A big leap of faith, that little push that God sometimes gives us, came for Regan and his wife when they faithfully moved to Vancouver in January of 2018. There he completed the Audio Engineering and Music Production program at SAE Institute Vancouver achieving the Student Award of Excellence.

“From being a musician in a band to freelance live audio work to starting my own music recording business to painting houses … having all of these things packed in my day keeps life fresh and interesting! Coming out of high school, I never would have seen myself taking this route as a profession. I grew up playing music, but had always had sports at the forefront. Throughout my journey [since graduation] I met some very inspiring people that opened up a new world of what being a musician and recording engineer can look like.”

God shows up in our lives in different ways at different times and today for Regan, God is constantly showing himself through different opportunities in his career. He is playing his role in God’s story, giving musicians a platform to record and release their stories to the world. Being trusted with a song and coming to an end result where the musician feels confident enough to then show the world has been amongst his favourite experiences when working with these recording artists.

“Making the right connections is so important in the music industry, and God continues to show himself in the people that I meet, and the connections that I make. And when I am lowest in my faith, God faithfully reveals himself to me with something new!”

Regan also credits ECS with giving him the tools needed to lead a life full of passion and wonder!

“Reflecting back on my experience at ECS I am so thankful to have had a Christ-centred education and community of people to grow up with. I feel like it gave me a firm foundation to stand on. High school is easily one of the most confusing times of anyone’s life, and to have a school, faculty, and student body committed to helping you grow not just as a person, but as a child of God, is huge. Everyone’s journey with Christ is different but I truly believe that being surrounded by a loving community that is constantly speaking truth can be instrumental in anyone’s life.”

“Explore what you’re passionate about and use it for God’s glory!”


Thank you, Regan, for taking the time to do this Alumni Spotlight interview!