To make peace, one needs to know what peace is. Grade 3 at ECWS began exploring that.  I came across across this bulletin board outside their classroom.  The sign beside it said:

After reading the book “What Does Peace Feel Like” by Vladimir Radunsky, students in grade 3 used their five senses to describe what peace means to them.  Next, they chose their favourite sentence and created a watercolour painting to enhance their text.



Peace sounds like the pitter patter of rain one morning in Canmore


Peace feels like when you go outside when it’s just sprinkling with a nice big rainbow.


Peace smells like a bouquet of fresh plucked flowers from my mom’s garden


Peace looks like a lion and a lamb cuddled up on a dark and stormy night.


Peace sounds like my dog Rufus’s soft tender woofs as he dreams all curled up in his bed.


Peace sounds like two people having fun and laughing with huge smiles on even the darkest days.

Blessed are the peacemakers.

Blessed are the children!

by Brian Doornenbal