American Poet, Mary Oliver  has on many occasions reminded people to live life with eyes wide open:

In the Youtube world we live in, astonishment in life’s (extra)ordinary things is becoming more rare.  It is hard for us to be amazed by the petal of a flower or by the crunching sound of snow underneath our boots.  Even, at times, we pass by the grandeur of canyons, mountains and shorelines without as much as a hint of being amazed by these (extra)ordinary parts of God’s world.

One of our hopes for students at Edmonton Christian School is that they will regularly be in wonder of the story they are part of in this world, and that they will be drawn, in awe, to the Author of that story.

IMG_8553We saw some of that last week when the grade 9 classes from ECWS and ECNS took their science studies to The King’s University here in Edmonton.  There, the fourth year Chemistry students and their profs gave our students a glimpse into the astonishing, complex world of chemistry.  It is largely an unseen, taken-for-granted world of atoms and electrons, energy levels and reactions.

As the King’s students unfolded a tiny bit of this world in an entertaining, comical Harry Potter/chem class mixture,  I think Mary Oliver would have approved; the Grade 9’s were paying attention and by the audible responses, there was definitely astonishment and amazement in the room!






Awe for our Creator and deep learning about our role in God’s story is our mission at Edmonton Christian Schools. God is amazing!  God’s creation is full of astonishing complexity.  We are grateful to tell about it!

Thanks to the outstanding faculty and students at The King’s University for the knowledge and astonishment they were able to share! 
 by Brian Doornenbal