Each year at this time, with some sadness, we say farewell to a number of people who have played their role in God’s story at Edmonton Christian Schools .  Four of those people we are saying farewell to have been servant workers at Edmonton Christian for more than 15 years.

IMG_4198Sharon DeMoor has been at Edmonton Christian for 25 years.  Five of those years were spent teaching at Edmonton Christian Northeast School  and the rest were in Edmonton Christian West School.  Sharon worked so hard to ensure that the students in her class learned, and she did a beautiful job in her teaching of clearly showing that Jesus is the Lord of all things!  Sharon is retiring and moving on to her next role(s) in God’s story.


IMG_0461Vicki De Haan has been with Edmonton Christian Schools for the past 18 years, all of them at Edmonton Christian Northeast.  Starting as a junior high teacher and then for the last 8 years as the Assistant Principal the beauty in her work was seen in the relationships she cultivated with students, parents and colleagues.  Vicki will be moving to the Argyll Centre, an arm of the Edmonton Public School Board that is a resource for virtual schools, schooling on the Internet, home schooling and distant learning.  She will be the assistant principal there.


Kathy Doornenbal has worked as an Educational Assistant in Edmonton Christian for 16 years since 1998.  Her heart for people with differing abilities meant that she often worked with some of our most high needs, medically fragile students.  This took her from working in Kindergarten to working with high school students and every grade in between. While you may occassionally see Kathy at the school as a supply EA in the future, Kathy is retiring to pursue other passions in the coming years.


Ger VanderMeulen began her teaching at East Edmonton Christian School in 1988.  Since then she has worked in West School, with some time away when her boys were born.  By her own calculation it is 23 or 24 years of teaching in intermediate and junior high.  Ger has a keen desire to see the students thrive not only academically, but emotionally.  She has put a great deal of energy in recent years into her own learning in this area and into counselling and walking beside students in our schools.  She will be going to WP Wagner High School where this will be the main focus of her role.

In addition to the above, there are a number of others who will be moving on to new schools, new cities or new vocations.  Staffing is very fluid at this time of year, so it is difficult to have a completely accurate list.  At the time of writing, the people pictured in the slideshow below are those to whom we will be saying goodbye. (Based on a list provided by each campus.  Does not include those going on leave or those whose contract status is still to be determined).

(slideshow-may take a few moments to load on your device).

Thanks to each of you for journeying with us. You will be missed.   May the new roles God has given you be exciting and fulfilling.  Keep the faith!

B. Doornenbal