You had to be there!  The pictures here can only capture a small part of the story.  A small part of the story of  how Edmonton Christian School’s students reflect the creativity of their Creator.  There were three different “art events” this past week,  each compelling.

Edmonton Christian West School — Street Art Installation

West school grade seven students have been looking at and discussing the roles, merits and downfalls of street art (graffiti, murals etc).  This past week, they did a simple art installation that consisted of a 3” by 5” post it note, with a positive “graffiti” message posted on every locker and classroom door in the junior high.  When asked what they hoped to accomplish, a couple of students answered that they “hoped it would make people smile.”  On Thursday morning when students arrived, there were a lot of smiles.  A number of students when they first entered and saw the art, doubled their pace to see what might be on their locker.  Some liked what they saw, others took the note down.  Still others wanted to make a trade with a friend.    A lot for the Gr 7 students to talk about as they continue to explore street art.

(Slideshow: 15 Pictures — installing the art, a few of the pieces and students arriving/reacting.  Pictures may take a few moments to load the first time on your device).

Edmonton Christian High School Fine Arts Evening

The senior high also had more student art than usual on display this week for their Fine Arts Evening on June 8.  Hundreds of pieces, ranging from pencil sketches and studies to finished works and sculptures showed how gifted our students are.

(Slideshow: 16 slides.  May take a few moments to load on your device)

Northeast Edmonton Christian School Fine Arts Evening

Finally, Northeast school also did a Fine Arts Evening on June 9.  Band performances and the student Art work displayed in the library were a blessing to those that attended.

(Slideshow: 16 photos of some Art work and of Grade 9 Band rehearsal.   May take a few moments to load on your device)

Thanks to all the artists and musicians (and their teachers) whose work once again reflected the creativity of our God!   Special thanks to those whose work did not get pictured on this blog.  There was just so much beautiful work.  You had to be there!

B Doornenbal