Once again this year, Edmonton Christian High School–actors, directors and crew–gifted audiences with a high quality drama production.  From the exquisite set, to the acting talent, to the thoughtful directing, this was a play that did not disappoint.

Drama productions like this are part of the Edmonton Christian High story.  Each year the school does a full-scale production like this.  It is hoped that if you saw  the production, or if you look at the pictures and directors’ note below, you can see how this artistic work is also part of God’s story.

Directors notes for Jekyll and Hyde  (a play by Richard Abbot based on the Robert Louis Stevenson novella):

“The classic tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is not a horror story—it is our story. It’s the story of our daily struggles with wanting to choose to do the right thing, but feeling drawn towards things that we know we should stay away from. Our fight and Dr. Jekyll’s fight are really not so different. As Christ followers we say we want the heart of Christ, but we pretend we can be two people. Our walk is often typified by being one person in the pew and someone very different during the work week.


As directors we chose this play because of the message that it speaks into and about our lives. This message resonates with the writings of James and Paul about the duality of being image bearers of Christ and yet having sinful natures.

While we believe you will be greatly entertained, we sincerely hope that our show sparks reflection and conversation.”

Directors Suzanne Knol and Tim Epp.













Edmonton Christian High School performed Jekyll and Hyde Feb 24-27, 2016
photos by Mr. Tim Epp