We all have heroes in our lives, someone who’s been there for us through life’s ups and downs. For many kids, their hero is often a teacher.

“The measure of achievement is not winning awards. It’s doing something that you appreciate, something you believe is worthwhile.”
-Julia Child

Last week all EPSB schools were invited to participate in the first Edmonton Public Schools Fall Mini Cardboard Challenge! Some ECNE students accepted the challenge to design an award for someone in their lives who fit the theme, “Making a Difference!” The only requirement was that they use cardboard. After designing and creating their award, students made certificates and presented their awards.

The grade 8 students had two days of Community Building through the Cardboard Challenge! Students chose to either watch a design program or to work as a team in creating a play structure out of large cardboard and MakeDo cardboard construction tools.

In a way, the students who chose the structure project went through a mini-process similar to what the West School Building Project Team did as well! They worked as a team to research their cardboard structure and then delegated roles and jobs before setting out to build. It was a fantastic display of innovation, collaboration, and communication!  Did you know they only had 2 hours to complete their project?!