“Play Your Role in God’s Story”

Actively playing our role in God’s story is an important and fundamental theme within our schools!

Imagine a classroom full of eager grade 2 students who are ready to learn but they’re too distracted by insecurities and fears. Insert our school theme into the picture and now those children are brought into a place of acceptance and strength. We are all about drawing out the unique gifts each student has and equipping them with the skills needed to find – and fill – their role! While God’s Story is a daily theme in our schools Mrs. Otteson at ECNE dedicates time each month allowing her grade 2 students to actively participate in discussions and activities to highlight how important each one of us is God’s story. Edmonton Christian Schools celebrate the fact that God’s story is being written and each student is key to ‘plot development!’

Their classroom Storyline also affirms the message of how we can be joined in prayer! Prayer Journals often cover the desks of the students as they mark down their prayers, thanking God for their own places in His story. And there’s so much beauty in a group of 2nd-grade students coming together on “Together Tuesday’s” to pray for the classroom community.

God loves us and wants us to have a personal relationship with Him. The Bible says God is at work in everyone’s life. “God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us.” -Acts 17:27. “Myself Monday’s” are important in Mrs. Otteson’s class just for this purpose, to allow the students to work on their own personal relationships with God.

Sometimes it’s easy to neglect our inner health in this busy world we live in. Constantly bombarded with images and ideas that tend to have negative impacts on our self-esteem. But we are all unique creations of God and promoting this idea is important in our schools.

Mrs. Otteson honours our uniqueness with her students, linking our Through Lines: Creation Enjoying and Beauty Creating, in her classroom. Her most recent project had students celebrate how God made them by creating little paper images of themselves and listing “Ten Fantastic Facts About How God Made Me.” They continue to see God’s beauty and celebrate their similarities and differences not only in crafts but also through language in writing!