What are your deep hopes for your children?  More specifically, what do you hope for when, each day,  you send them off to Edmonton Christian Schools (West, Northeast or Senior High School)?  These are great questions because deep hopes are at the centre of what we do at Edmonton Christian School.  After all, we are part of God’s story, a story filled with hope.  Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for God who promised is faithful. (Heb 10:23)

It isn’t news that the frenetic pace of life can often make us forgetful people.  In fact it has been said that forgetting is the default position for humans. It could also be the default for Edmonton Christian Schools.  That is why staff have been spending some early dismissal time lately deliberately articulating and discussing the deep hopes they have for the students they see each day.  Here are just a few of those deep hopes drafted by teachers from all three of our schools.* 

My deep hope is . . .


Div 2 deep hope

SH Deep Hope

K teacher deep hope

Div 2 Deep Hope

Div 2 deep hope (1)

Div 3 Deep Hopes

Staff at Edmonton Christian Schools hope deeply that your children will find their place in God’s story.  How would you express your hopes for your children?  It’s a conversation worth having in our community as we continue living in the grace of a  faithful God whose promises give us unswerving hope!

* graphics  and visuals have been added by this blog author without teacher input.
by Brian Doornenbal