It would be easy to think that it was all about the money. What else would the 23rd annual Goods and Services Auction at Edmonton Christian Schools be about?  The pictures might tell the story.













Food.  Friendship.  Fun.  Catching up with someone you haven’t seen in awhile.  Meeting someone new.  Make no mistake, the funds raised for the Edmonton Society for Christian Education are so appreciated and will be used well as we act on our school vision of “accepting Christ’s invitation to live for renewal.”  We would miss those funds if they were not raised, but we would find our way.  If however, we lost the community and the commitment that is so evident at this event, we would be in real trouble.  That definitely is something money cannot buy!

Thanks to everyone who organized, attended,  volunteered, donated, bought and most of all enriched and encouraged by being  active members of this beautiful community.

B Doornenbal