I am not sure that there is any way to make a hair net look good on a person.  The Grade 7-9 Peer Support team and the adult supervisors from Edmonton Christian West School didn’t seem too worried about that!  They eagerly put on the required hair nets  and set about to help some of their inner city brothers and sisters by baking over 400 cookies and bagging  breads and other baked goods at the Mustard Seed Street Church in Edmonton.



This was a student driven initiative, generously organized by the Peer Support facilitator, Mrs. VanderMeulen.  Edmonton Christian students, teachers and parents have big hearts.  And I guess that makes the opening sentence wrong –a hair net always looks great on someone with a big heart!

The Mustard Seed is an inner-city church whose mission is “To build hope and wellbeing for our most vulnerable citizens through Jesus’ love.”  We were glad to have joined them in actively playing a part in God’s story.