He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead;  his eyes are closed.

Albert Einstein

Equations and graphs have taken up quite a bit of the Physics 20 student’s study this fall.  At times, perhaps even most of the time, this has been challenging to the students. Teacher, Helen Krol wanted to make sure  that the students could still “pause and wonder,” amidst the complexities and at times puzzlement that comes with learning physics.   On a recent assessment she asked the students to reflect on that.  Here are just a few of the answers she got:

“You can see the beauty in it when the information unfolds…”

“We can see the Lord through the consistency and pattern. As in order discovering. He created the creative quirks and unique marks and now it’s up to us to find them.”

“Drafting equations I see how God puts so much detail into this world. It takes us years to become experts in only one job that only explains so little. It shows how everything is connected with such detail.”

“There is so much to creation that we cannot possibly wrap our heads around.”

“It is incredible that people have been able to discover all these formulas and put them to work and I know God gave us that ability.”

“Graphs and equations can help us to see in the complexity and greatness of God everything in God’s world was made to work perfectly. Physics can’t explain how great God is but it gives us a little window to see his complexity and greatness.”

“God created everything and it is crazy that he could come up with concepts such as physics. I see God’s magnificent creation everywhere and I am flabbergasted at how God created this all. How can people deny the existence of God.  It just makes no sense to me.”

“Working with physics shows me just how smart God really is. I am barely able to understand the most simple things of this world.”

“Physics test our abilities to comprehend a mathematical world with the practical world. In many ways we combine math and the creation of God to figure out how it can be improved or how it has been damaged.”

“We can marvel at God through the consistency and exactness of his nature and how he lets us discover it.”

“Graphs can represent so many cool little details in creation and that all comes back to God…”

Indeed, it all comes back to God.  Eyes open, we stand rapt, in awe!