Schools are places  filled with stories!  Not only the stories in the literature we read or the current events we grapple with, but also the stories that each person brings to a school community.  Lived stories.

The beginning of the school year once again meant the gathering of those lived stories into the three buildings which we call Edmonton Christian Schools.  Together those stories will form another chapter in the story of Edmonton Christian School in 2015-2016.  This isn’t the first chapter, however!  This is story that began some time ago.  The first of our schools opened in 1949! Edmonton Christian’s story is one that has had many characters–faithful founders, financial and spiritual supporters, board members, parents, staff members, students, and more.  Within this story there have been twists and turns, challenges and triumphs.  Edmonton Christian’s story is a big story!

But wait!  It is bigger than even that.  This story, like all stories, is God’s story.  How exciting is that?  We, parents, students, teachers, board members and supporters are all given a role to play in an epic story written by an endlessly loving God.  May we play our roles well this year

This blog will follow Edmonton Christian’s stories as we are all challenged to find our role in God’s story.