West School Building Project – Photo Updates

Check back regularly to see photo updates on the construction at Edmonton Christian West School! More information about the project can be found here.

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July-August 2019 – Continued Site Prep for new school wing, parking lot, and bus lane.

June 2019 – Site Prep for new school wing, parking lot, and bus lane.

May 2019 – East Wing Removed (16 portables) +VIDEO

May 2019 – New library space and new Main Office location.

May 2019 – Preparing for the removal of the old east wing of portables.

April/May 2019 – Grades 3-6 moved to new classrooms.  Grade 3s to the McQueen building, Grade 4s and 5s to the new portables, and Grade 6s moved to the High School building. +VIDEO

April 2019 – Portables permanently set in place (ramp access, skirted, etc).

April 2019 – Rig mats laid on the east lawn for emergency access to the new portables. +VIDEO

April 2019 – Ground Breaking Ceremony

February 2019 – Delivery of the new portable classrooms (new space for the Grade 4s and 5s during construction). +VIDEO

February 2019 – Removing the playground to make room for construction access and equipment.