What have you been up to?!

Now that school is back ‘in‘ we might see a few classmates during a Google-Meet but what about the friends you normally only saw at recess or during assemblies?  We’re all doing our part by staying home but that means we now miss the faces of staff and students we normally would have seen nearly every day.

But that’s ok … let’s keep our physical distance but not our SOCIAL distance!

Social media can bring us together … Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Use the hashtag #edmchristianathome so we can get a glimpse of what you’re up to.  ECS students, teachers, staff – snap a shot of your daily schedule, reading in a blanket fort, working hard on the computer, a craft you made, having fun baking, playing in your yard … anything goes and there’s no limit! Just don’t forget to tag us using #edmchristianathome if your account is public. (You could even @ us if you prefer. Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter)

If you have a private account but want to share a photo at any time simply send it to us in a private message on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. We’ll frequently highlight photos tagged with #edmchristianathome or messaged to us on our social media accounts plus they’ll also be curated right here in this post.

Also, watch out for a weekly theme suggestion each Monday morning.  Same hashtag but we’ll recommend an idea for photos each week.  It’s not mandatory to stay on theme though so don’t worry. ☺ Keep sending us photos or using the hashtag! #edmchristianathome