The powerful vision of the Kingdom creates a desire within our students to play their part in God’s unfolding story of creation – fall – redemption – restoration!

Students in 5B at our West School spent about three months creating beautiful bulletin boards and digging deep into learning about this big story of scripture.

Creation and The Fall


Above, on the Creation board, the students depicted the world without sin with the focus on what God intended things to be like, how He made mankind to have special relationships with Him.  The students recalled how the bible tells us that God created and sustains all things but reflections of God’s perfect original creation brought to light how sin has damaged His creation.


The students considered how we sometimes fall into selfishness and bad habits and how we have to work hard to be servant workers and earth keepers. The Fall board depicted their ideas about the evil that has entered our world.

Even after the fall, which indeed affects and infects all things, His creation remains good.

Redemption and Restoration

Displaying how God intended the world to be (Creation) and what went wrong (the Fall), the students were then lead to think about how we can now play our role within the world that has been redeemed by Christ (Redemption)!

“Let your light shine!”

Right over top of the original Creation and the Fall boards, the students put up their Redemption and Restoration work! While creating the art for these boards they talked about how God’s redemption redirects all His creation back to their God-designated purposes. Someday, all things will be fully restored, but the work of renewal begins now, and we are privileged to be co-workers with God in this process.

“This classroom will be a place of love, where we listen with empathy and use our voices for others as we journey together through God’s complex world.”  

Classroom Storyline – Mrs. Benoit, 5B

Our students are called to be involved in God’s redemption and transformation of His world. As part of this unit, the students used a service project to put into action our responsibility as Christians to restore our community and the world. They split up into smaller groups to gift classes (K-7) with something small like leading PhysEd games or doing a craft with the class!


We can gratefully respond by living a life of service and partnership as all things move towards complete restoration.  Although man fell into sin, God had a plan of redemption through the sacrifice of His Son.

Reflections at the end of the project provoked the question,

“How then shall I live?”