We are aware and wary of the different sets of values that lie behind all that we hear, believe, say and do. As image bearers of God, we practice our own acts of creation – embracing diversity, complexity and creativity just as God does.

God’s Courageous People

In grade two, students learn that God used courageous people like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges and others to bring about His dream of JUSTICE, FREEDOM, AND EQUALITY.

Students are able to be Justice-Keepers as we consider major themes of the civil rights movement. As we glance back through the pages of history we can see God at work in the stories of people’s lives. We can be a part of these stories too as we learn to respond to hate with love, indifference with compassion and ignorance with understanding.

We invite God to bring about His kingdom of PEACE through us.


Read Up!

Biographies and autobiographies are a great way to dig deeper. Here are a couple suggestions if you’d like to read at home with your family.

  • Black Heroes of the American Revolution by Burke Davis
  • The Last Safe House by Barbara Greenwood
  • Amos Fortune: Free Man by Elizabeth Yates
  • Today’s Heroes: Ben Carson by Ben Carson