On that first day of school it happened all across our city.  Parents watched their kids board a bus or they themselves pulled up to a curb to drop their children off at school.  Some may have gone inside with the kids to walk them to the classroom door.  Sending our children off to school on that first day is many things.  It’s a relief that school routine is back; it’s scary that school routine is back, and its an important part of good parenting.  More than anything else however, dropping our kids off at any school is an act of hope.

Bringing our kids to school is an act of hope on many levels.  When we see them off, we hope they’ve remembered their lunch or that they won’t lose that new pair of shoes on the very first day.  At a deeper level we hope that our kids will be safe and will spend days with a good teachers, teachers with the eyes and hearts to see who our child is.  Having good friends and being a good friend is something else we hope for our children.IMG_4933

IMAG0550But when the curb we are pulling up to, to drop our kids off is in front of a faith-based school like Edmonton Christian (West, Northeast or Senior High) we are acting on our deepest hopes.  Hopes of grace-filled spaces and interactions.  Hopes of our kids being seen as gifted image bearers of a loving God.  Hopes that this will be a school that lives out it’s mission to help kids find and play their role in God’s story.  These can be our deepest hopes– curbside hopes in a faithful and relentlessly loving God.


How would you express your deepest hopes for child/grandchild in Edmonton Christian?

This is not only a question for parents/grandparents.  Students and teachers also are people with deep hopes.  The teachers at Edmonton Christian school are deliberate about approaching their students with deep hope.  See some of those deep hopes in this blog published last spring:  Deep Hopes for Our Students (sample below)

Div 3 Deep Hopes

by Brian Doornenbal