Telus Exclusive Partner Program

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Special Discounts:

Exclusive discounts to employees of large organizations

EPP Hardware Credits:

EPP Program incentives include exclusive hardware credits

EveryLine Discounts:

More monthly savings for every subscriber with every additional line

TELUS Easy Payment

The new way for EPP customers to purchase the devices they want in a fair, simple and transparent way.

Simple Sharing Plans

New plans with unlimited nationwide calling and messaging included. All you have to do is select your data.

Simplified Pricing

An easy-to-understand rate plan suite that now includes voice & data – available for everyone on your account.

Flexible Payment Options

Pay less upfront or less monthly. Flexible options to help you pay for your device.

No Overages

Large data buckets with overage protection available for constant peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is EPP? EPP stands for Exclusive Partner Program. It is a program created for Edmonton Public School employees that allows TELUS to offer discounted smartphones and rate plans.

Where can I take advantage of this offer? Any active staff member of EPSB can visit the webstore to take advantage of the EPP offer. You’ll be able to view the latest promotions and place your order online.

Is the program available to existing TELUS customers? Yes. Existing TELUS customers can take advantage of this offer, however, there are certain conditions that need to be met.

How much can I save? Our discounts vary depending on the type of device and plan you need. Our discounts are both based on smartphone/hardware credits and monthly percentage discounts on rate plans.

How many discounted accounts can I open? Each member can have one EPP account. Members can add up to nine additional lines to their account by adding their family or loved ones. Members can also add connected devices including tablets or smartwatches.

I’m with another carrier for my smartphone, can I keep my phone number when coming to TELUS? Yes. You can port your number over from a different service provider and become a new TELUS EPP customer.

What kind of plans do you offer on EPP? We offer two types of monthly rate plans, Peace of Mind and Simple Share. Peace of Mind plans offers endless data with no overage charges. Simple Share plans offer the ability to share data with multiple users on your account.

I need more help, where can I go? If you have more questions or would like additional information, please contact our team.  |  780-453-3500