ECS Information Session

Welcome to the Edmonton Christian Schools Online Information Session.

For your convenience, we have recorded the ECS Information Session.

Please take the time to watch this video completely before deciding if Edmonton Christian Schools is the right fit for your family.  

After you have watched the video and read the information on this page, please fill out the form below to indicate that you completed our online information session. 

Christian Program Fees

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Edmonton Christian Schools (ECS) and the Society (ESCE) by watching the Information Session video above.

If you have decided that ECS is the right fit for your family, you must register with Edmonton Public Schools (EPS).

Please refer to our admissions webpage to view more information about the registration process. 

You may also print, complete, and return the ESCE (Society) forms at this time. These forms detail the beliefs, expectations and commitments of ECS and ESCE as well as the expectations of parents and students enroled with Edmonton Christian Schools.

If you’d like printed copies of these forms, please come to the Society office.