Edmonton Christian Schools (ECS) wishes to enrol all new families who sincerely desire a Christian education for their children.

Boundaries:  New students may register at any of our schools regardless of their home address. However, yellow bus availability is determined by your home address.  If you require yellow bus service, please view the attendance area map for your chosen school. (Northeast School or West School) More busing information can be found HERE as well.

Enrolment Limits: If the number of new student registrations exceeds the number of available spaces at West School, Northeast School or the High School, new students will be chosen by a random selection conducted by Edmonton Public Schools.

    • Resident students who have registered and submitted all required documents prior to the March deadline may participate in a random selection.
    • Students must reside within the Edmonton City Limits to participate in a random selection.

Non-Resident Students: Students from outside the City limits will be enroled only if space permits after all resident students have been enroled.

After the March registration deadline, new students may be enroled on a first-come-first-served basis but only in grades that have space and that were not part of a random selection process.