Edmonton Christian School alumni (2013), Candace Gladue, shares her story with us in this Q&A style ECS Alumni Spotlight!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I earned my Diploma in Early Learning and Childcare at MacEwan after graduating from ECHS and am continuing to pursue my passion for working with children. I was recently accepted into the UofA Faculty of Education.

Since graduation, I joined a poet collective called the Edmonton Indigenous Poets Society where we promote healing, growth, leadership, connection, and resiliency through poetry.  I have also been connecting more with my heritage, learning the Blackfoot language and the women’s traditional Blackfoot dance.

I also recently had the amazing opportunity to be part of the Daughters of the Vote. I spoke in the Senate representing Edmonton Strathcona alongside 300 other young women who communicated their vision for Canada during the program in Ottawa.

How is God working in your life now?

I was an Indigenous foster care child and had little faith in myself until I graduated and moved out on my own. From there I realized God has presented me with many opportunities and laid down a wonderful path for me. I’m excited to be playing my role in God’s story by being a teacher, using the tools, resources and gifts I have been given and sharing them with others.

How did ECS help prepare you for life after High School?

I always let the past define who I was rather than focusing on what was ahead of me. I was a quiet and shy student and often kept to myself but I was very determined. Having a Christ-centred education had a profound impact on my life; being an indigenous Christian can be complex sometimes. ECS provided me with the care and attention I needed at that time in my life but the teachers also taught me restorative Christian characteristics I carry with me every day.  I hold true to my Christian faith but as well as my Cultural faith. I focus on each day at a time and am thankful for each day that I live.

Any Words of Wisdom for upcoming graduates?

“Life isn’t something you leave home to do it’s what you accomplished within the walls of your Haven. That’s what allows you to greet the world with an open heart and reach out and embrace living and all its richness, variety and staggering wonder.” – Richard Wagamese.

Thank you, Candace, for sharing your story with us!

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