CRA Dispute Update

Beginning in 2015 a number of Alternative Programs, including Edmonton Christian Schools worked together to challenge a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) decision that our schools may not issue tax receipts for Christian Program Fees.

This legal challenge originated with Notices of Penalty being received by three societies in Alberta that provided tax receipts for Christian programming under the Alternative Program model — Taber Society for Christian Education, Leduc Society for Christian Education and MCS Foundation (Meadowlark Christian) — the Appellants.

The societies had all been under the assumption that CRA’s policy IC 75-23 applied to them. CRA’s view was that the policy only applied to private schools that used a formula to determine the portion of their fees that could be attributed to religious training.

Current Status:
After years of work, we are now just days away from our court date. Submissions to the court are set for October 18 and 19, 2021. Due to Covid-19, it is now virtual and only the appellants and the organizing committee can attend. It is unlikely the judge will provide an oral decision immediately. We expect that she will take time to prepare a written decision that could take days or weeks. When the decision does come down, the organizing committee, along with legal counsel, will need time to digest the decision and its implication.

Future Communications:
It is reasonable that it may take several days for us to formulate a response to be shared with all the schools that have assisted in funding the legal challenge. At that time, we will also provide communication to our schools’ greater community.

Prayer Request:
The gravity of this court decision draws our attention to our God who is sovereign over all things. We are calling on our community to join us in fervent pray over this matter. Please pray that God would give us justice and favor in the eyes of those who preside over this so that God’s Kingdom would come here on earth as it is in heaven.